Why Should Amazon Buy Uber?

Amazon has changed the way millions of people purchase merchandise while Uber introduced a new and convenient way to travel. Both organizations have taken advantage of mobile technology making their services available anytime and anywhere. Amazon introduced disruptive technology by providing millions of products through an on-line catalog service. Uber provided an easy way to get a ride in just minutes from almost any location.

Amazon’s Grocery Services

Recently, Amazon expanded their offerings by providing consumers a way to purchase groceries online. However, to provide a comprehensive grocery catalog, Amazon needed to sell perishables in addition to their pantry offerings. When Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, many people believed that Amazon was making a move into brick-and-mortar operations. In reality, local grocery chains have established a local grocery supplier for Amazon’s real objective, online grocery shopping.

What’s missing? A delivery service that can meet Amazon’s requirements for its entire customer base. Currently, grocery services that include perishables, have been limited to a small percentage of Amazon’s customer base. Bringing on a delivery service business will definitely help them bring in more customers, and by incorporating courier software they’ll be able to keep on top of service in an efficient manner, pleasing their customer base.

Why is Uber the best option to deliver Amazon’s groceries?

Who is the biggest delivery service is the world? Most people would probably not consider Uber to be a delivery service, however; Uber is probably the biggest delivery service in the world if you consider a rideshare service to be a delivery service. Uber delivers people and recently, Uber started offering meal delivery services by contracting with local restaurants.

One more thing to consider when looking at Uber as a delivery service is that Uber’s model could allow them to provide delivery service without purchasing delivery trucks, unlike other delivery services that would have to consider increasing their vehicle inventory if they were to provide grocery delivery services for Amazon. However, if Uber drivers were using their cars, they wouldn’t be able to deliver as many products. This would mean that it would take longer to get deliveries out to customers. With delivery trucks, drivers are able to take a lot more stock at one time. If Uber were to work with Amazon, they’d probably want to look into purchasing some trucks to ensure that bigger deliveries could be transported easily. Trucks with lift-gates are much more effective at taking larger deliveries, whereas a car would be unable to deliver a larger product. Lift-gates are essential for a lot of bigger deliveries, which is why it’s important to visit Ferguson Truck Center every now and then to ensure that the lift-gate is still functioning properly. With the help of lift-gates, delivery drivers are able to load and unload their deliveries much quicker, ensuring the job is completed within a set time. Uber cars could easily deliver the smaller parcels in smaller vehicles. Luckily, Uber accepts just about anyone to apply for the job of delivery driver, all they need is a working vehicle that must meet certain standards and valid insurance. These people usually get an uber quote for cheaper insurance which allows them make a decent income. Regardless of how these drivers were to deliver the products, Amazon would have to be confident that all of their drivers were meeting their targets and delivering consumer goods at the correct time. However, it’s also important that delivery drivers are being responsible on the road, even if they’re slightly behind on their orders. Whether in trucks or cars, Amazon would want to ensure that fleet safety is a priority. Software from Lytx, and other companies similar, can ensure that delivery drivers are abiding by the rules of the road and aren’t distracted whilst driving. This is important to ensure that the delivery service remains efficient and safe.

Why should Amazon purchase Uber instead of contracting with Uber?

If there is something you want to buy, chances are that you will see what you are looking for through the Amazon app. Amazon is the world’s largest one-stop-shop for almost anything you want. However, if you need a ride, you go to Uber.

Amazon should purchase Uber, then incorporate features from the Uber app into the Amazon app. I dream of a world where one day, I can purchase my dinner, movie tickets, and transportation from a single self-service portal. I believe that Amazon is positioned to provide the world’s first one-stop-shop for all your needs and desires.

Amazon, if you are listening, strike while the iron is hot. It’s time to acquire Uber.

It’s time to build the world’s best self-service portal.

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