About Marcel Shaw

Marcel Shaw graduated from Brigham Young University in 1991.

Marcel has worked as technical consultant for 22 years. He has worked in both pre-sales and post-sales roles for companies such as SoftSolutions, Novell, Dell, Softricity, Gateway, and LANDESK.

Marcel has also worked as a legal expert witness for a top Washington DC law firm. He has been published in LAN TIMES and he wrote a manual that covered “load balancing” while working for Dell. He also wrote a manual covering EMC storage technologies while doing some work for NOVUSCG, a storage consulting company now owned by IBM.

Marcel’s expertise and experience include networking technologies (LAN, WAN), IP infrastructure. Internet Caching technology, Storage and Fibre technology (SAN), Security Standards and Technologies, Document Management, Directory Services (NDS, AD, LDAP), Federal Security Standards and Requirements (DIACAP, FDCC, USGCB), ITIL, Asset Management, and End Point Management.

Marcel has worked extensively with federal agencies solving IT problems. Some of the agencies he has worked with include USDA, NIST, FDA, DEA, DHS, FBI, Whitehouse Communications, Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Task Force, NIH, Social Security Administration, IRS, DHA, NOAA, and FAA among others.

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